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Plastic Surgery Deaths By Tod Aronovitz | 05/02/18 | 0 Comment

Plastic Surgery is not Risk-Free Many people think that plastic surgery comes without risks. Even though plastic surgery is safe for most people, it is not risk-free. It is estimated that the plastic surgery death rate is 2 per 100,000 people. Doctors will do a thorough examination in order to ensure that patients are healthy before surgery. However, there have been several cases reported where young, healthy people have died from plastic surgery. Common Complications[…]

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A paying passenger on a cruise ship suffered an on-board stroke during a cruise. After suit was filed, ARONOVITZ LAW obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement for our client. ARONOVITZ LAW, on behalf of the passenger, argued that the cruise line failed to care for its passenger knowing that the passenger had a stroke and became an on-board medical emergency. Knowing this, the captain and crew continued the cruise for a day and a half while the[…]

ARONOVITZ LAW Represents Florida Whistleblowers in $12.5 Million Settlement of Medicare Fraud Case against a Florida Hospital By Tod Aronovitz | 12/14/16 | 0 Comment

Miami—December 8, 2016—A Miami-Dade County hospital has agreed to pay the United States $12.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against it, its parent company, and a local physician alleging they defrauded Medicare in violation of the federal False Claims Act. As a result of the settlement, on December 6, 2016, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida entered its Order dismissing all claims against Defendants Baptist Health of South Florida, Inc.[…]

Former Biscayne Milieu Therapist Team to Pay $11 Million in Miami Health Care Fraud By Tod Aronovitz | 11/25/16 | 0 Comment

Following his conviction on August 7 of one count of conspiring to commit health care fraud, Jose Rojo of Miami was recently sentenced for his role in a $55 million dollar Miami Health Care Fraud scheme.  The former therapist at the Miami-based mental health clinic, Biscayne Milieu, was sentenced to 120 months in prison, ordered to pay more than $11 million in restitution with his co-defendants, and will be under supervised release for three years,[…]

Do you own a 2009 – 2015 VW diesel vehicle? Join Volkswagen (VW) Class Action By Tod Aronovitz | 09/25/15 | 0 Comment

We currently represent several clients pursuing a class action lawsuit related to German car-maker Volkswagen’s fraudulent conduct when it installed software that evades emission controls in 11 million of its diesel vehicles.   Volkswagen is the world’s top-selling carmaker and has admitted that far more than the 482,000 cars identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as violating clean air laws are affected by their fraud.  Specifically, VW admitted this week that the impact is much[…]