4 Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents and Injuries This Season By Tod Aronovitz | 07/12/19 | 0 Comment

Whether you ride your bike for sport, exercise or transportation purposes, it’s important to do what you can to avoid getting into an accident or getting injured. These four tips can go a long way toward keeping you safe when you’re riding your bike.

1. Keep Your Bike in Good Shape

First of all, if your bike isn’t in good shape, then it’s going to be more dangerous for you to operate. Make sure that you have a sturdy and secure seat, good brakes, adequate air in your tires, and a chain that is in good condition.

2. Wear the Right Clothing

Wearing the right clothing when you’re riding your bicycle is important. Clothing shouldn’t be too loose; otherwise, you have to worry about your clothing getting caught in your tire or chain. Wearing bright colors and reflective clothing will help with visibility, and it is essential for your safety to always wear a helmet.

3. Follow the Rules of the Road

Miami FL bicycle accident attorneys, like the attorneys at Aronovitz Law, recommend that you be aware of all of the laws that you are supposed to follow as a bicyclist. Following these laws will help you stay safe, will help prevent confusion with other bicyclists or drivers, and avoid citations or other legal issues.

4. Pay Attention

It might be easy to zone out while you’re riding your bike. You might like riding with your headphones on listening to music, an audiobook or podcast. However, it is important to be alert, pay attention, and be able to hear oncoming traffic, horns, and sirens. This can help you avoid making mistakes when riding and will help you be aware of your surroundings.

Following the above tips will help you avoid accidents and injuries while riding your bike. If you do get into an accident, though, you should hire a team of Miami FL bicycle accident attorneys to help you. If you have found yourself in this situation, contact us at Aronovitz Law so that we can help you with your potential bike accident case