5 Ways to Prove Medical Negligence By Tod Aronovitz | 08/07/20 | 0 Comment

medical negligence

Medical negligence occurs when medical professionals, in the process of providing medical care to patients, end up causing harm as a result of their actions or failure to take action. In Florida, medical malpractice leading to negligence is quite common.

5 Ways to Prove Medical Negligence
Medical negligence can be proven by evaluating the case based on five key areas:

1. Incorrect dosages
Medical professionals may be held liable for medical negligence if the prescription they provided to you contravenes the drug manufacturer’s instructions. Prescribing incorrect dosages resulting in an overdose can also qualify as evidence.

2. Lack of informed consent
Before prescribing any form of treatment or physiological intervention, doctors should obtain your informed consent. When physicians perform medical procedures on patients without obtaining their written consent, this can serve as evidence of medical carelessness.

3. Failure to inform
Miami FL medical negligence attorneys have identified a trend where patients are inadequately informed by their doctors about the state of their condition. From a medical and legal standpoint, this may amount to medical malpractice resulting from the deliberate withholding of crucial medical information to patients.

4. Medical accidents
Sometimes patients undergoing physiological medical interventions such as surgery may be exposed to medical accidents whereby doctors perform botched medical procedures. Medical negligence attorneys from Aronovitz Law pinpoint this as one of the most serious medical malpractice cases that warrant compensation.

5. Liability for medical products
Some of the more compelling medical negligence cases involve the liability associated with the use of pharmaceutical products. Faulty medical equipment and medical implants can have devastating effects when they malfunction.

What can an attorney from Aronovitz Law do to help?

Therefore, the burden of proof of medical negligence lies in the consequences of improperly using a particular medical device, or improperly performing a medical procedure or improperly writing or filling a prescription. Whenever you suspect that you are a victim of medical malpractice, make it your priority to contact our Miami FL medical negligence attorneys. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys from Aronovitz Law will passionately pick up your case to ensure a legal redress.