ARONOVITZ LAW is representing a Carnival Cruise Line passenger in a federal civil lawsuit against defendants Shawn Mourao and his Florida-based employer, Cayman Style Ocean Adventures (CSOA), for a 2012 sexual assault that occurred in the Cayman Islands. As is customary in maritime cases, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida is the official venue for the federal lawsuit.

The victim, whose identity will remain anonymous pursuant to Court order, was a passenger aboard one of Carnival Cruise Line’s seven-day “Exotic Western Caribbean Cruises.” As part of the trip, the victim paid for a beach party shore excursion departing from the harbor in Grand Cayman. CSOA was the designated independent contractor retained by Carnival to provide the shore excursion. Carnival is not a named defendant in this matter because the victim’s ticket contract contained an exculpatory clause excusing the cruise line from all liability for the actions by its independent contractor.

The alleged assault occurred on July 27, 2012, when immediately following the shore excursion, the victim disembarked at George Town and asked CSOA tour boat captain Shawn Mourao where she might find a restroom. The victim alleges that Mourao led her to a small room in a shopping center where he proceeded to block the exit and sexually assault her. The victim pleaded for the assault to stop, and eventually escaped from the room, running half-naked across the street where she found a friend who accompanied her back to the cruise ship. Once aboard the ship, the victim reported the attack to the authorities aboard.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police have since filed three counts of indecent assault against Mourao, who is a South African citizen and resident of the Cayman Islands. Mourao will appear in court in October to face these criminal charges on the island.

In the Complaint, the victim is seeking at least $2 million in damages from CSOA and their employee, Mourao, for damages related to the sexual assault.

Lawsuits involving serious accidents and personal injury aboard cruise ships, negligent misconduct on open water, and other serious personal injury on the high seas often involves complex forms of litigation, typically requiring the lawsuit to be brought in federal court. It is imperative that victims of serious accidents and negligence on cruise ships retain experienced counsel who can assist clients in getting the appropriate judicial relief.  ARONOVITZ LAW has the experience and reputation required to win these cases.

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