Bayer Reaches Settlement on Yasmin and Yaz Gallbladder Lawsuits By Tod Aronovitz | 03/25/13 | 0 Comment

Women who suffered gallbladder damage after taking the oral contraceptives Yasmin and Yaz may receive $2,000 to $3,000 as part of a recent product liability court settlement applicable to plaintiffs in Illinois, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Bayer will pay a maximum of $24 million in the class action lawsuit, assuming that 90% of the individuals eligible for payment participate in the settlement. The company did not admit any liability in the matter.

Blood Clot Lawsuits also Claim Injury from Yasmin and Yaz

Gallbladder injuries represent only a portion of the total personal injuries claimed from the use of the birth control pills Yasmin and Yaz.

Bayer disclosed in regulatory filings that the company faces approximately 10,000 Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits nationwide, involving more than 13,500 plaintiffs. Ocell and/or Gianvi, the generic versions of Yasmin and YAZ marketed in the U.S. by Barr Laboratories, are also the subject of lawsuits.

Payments valued at $1 billion were made to 4,800 U.S. claimants suffering from documented venous clot injuries as of February 12, 2013, according to company reports.

The company anticipates additional lawsuits.

FDA Increased Warnings on Yasmin and Yaz in 2012

After studying the matter, the FDA last year required additional drug label warnings for Beyaz, Safyral, Yasmin and Yaz. The agency noted that “some epidemiologic studies reported as high as a three-fold increase in the risk of blood clots for drospirenone-containing products when compared to products containing levonorgestrel or some other progestins …”

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