Been Fired for Whistleblowing? What to do next! By Tod Aronovitz | 09/11/20 | 0 Comment

What is a Whistleblower?

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A Whistleblower is a person who in good-faith believes that his or her employer has violated the law in some way. This can be a person who was directly asked to do something that he or she knows to be fraudulent, or it could be a person who became aware of a fraudulent act that was done by his or her employer. Also, a whistleblower has to have complained about the infraction to upper management in the company, or he or she has to have complained to an outside agency. If asked to participate in the violation, this employee should have refused.

The Next Step if Fired

If you have been fired for being a whistleblower, you have rights that are protected by law. You should not have been fired; it was an illegal act. Your next step is to get in contact with a whistleblower attorney. He or she is the person who is best equipped to help you obtain compensation for the unjust dismissal.

Why Is A Whistleblower Brave

A Whistleblower is brave because he or she has made the choice to do the right thing. Quite often, it is easier to just sit back and not do anything when something illegal occurs in a company. Speaking up takes action; it requires going the extra mile in order to try fix an illegal occurrence. Added to that, if a whistleblower is found out, he or she could suffer from retaliation. This retaliation could include bullying at the workplace that might make for a hostile work environment and cause the person to quit or it could lead to the person getting fired.

Who to Turn To

If you live in Miami and you have suffered from retaliation, the trustworthy team at Aronovitz Law is knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to whistleblower laws. Miami whistleblower attorneys have been defending the rights of honest whistleblowers for years. A person who is being retaliated against at the workplace because of whistleblowing may not know where to turn when it comes to getting fair treatment after revealing the truth.

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Know Your Rights

When it comes to whistleblowing, a person does well to know his or her rights. Qui tam whistleblower lawyers in Miami want clients to be informed about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to whistleblowing. There are statutes in each state that protect whistleblowers from discrimination and retaliation. The laws in each state can vary a great deal, so it is wise to consult with a Miami Whistleblower attorney in order to learn about the laws that are specific to Florida. There are also federal laws that offer protection for whistleblowers. Whistleblower protection attorneys in Miami can best inform a person about the full implications of these laws. In summary, there are laws against defrauding the government related to Medicare, Medicaid, taxes, and Social Security. Other whistleblower cases can involve the violation of laws against polluting water, laws against unsafe solid waste disposal, and laws against the misuse of toxic substances. Under these federal laws, a whistleblower has protection.

The World Needs Whistleblowers

If you are a person who has witnessed or found out about an illegal occurrence at your job, the world needs you to tell the truth. There are several people who may know about the occurrence, but they may be too scared to speak up. If you are brave enough to stand up for what is right, you deserve to be protected and praised for that. Even though you may feel scared to do what is right, you must know that you are a hero; the person who did not back down in the face of potential retaliation. You should not feel like there is no one there to support you because there is. Miami trial lawyers at Aronovitz Law understand what you are going through. This is a professional who is an expert at protecting your rights, your job and your peace of mind. A Miami whistleblower lawyer will get you the justice that you deserve because the world needs more people like you who stand up for what is right. .