Car Rental Companies Hit Florida Tourists with Excessive Toll Road Fees By Tod Aronovitz | 09/14/15 | 0 Comment

A consumer alert has gone out to drivers renting cars in Florida: car rental companies are charging consumers hidden and sometimes exorbitant toll road fees for using Florida’s toll roads. Tourists make up a significant number of drivers in the state’s car rental segment, and these unexpected “convenience” toll road fees have caught many off guard to the point of where they may be rethinking if Florida should be their destination.

According to a story on WTSP Tampa Bay News 10, the fees add up on all-electronic toll roads—such as a SunPass lane on Tampa’s Selmon Expressway or the Veterans Expressway (SR 589 on the Gulf Coast)—where there are no physical tollbooths and drivers don’t have the choice to pay with cash. The car rental companies not only charge for the amount of the toll, but they may pad the bill with unlimited administrative charges that get added on to the rental car bill daily, or sometimes added to every toll transaction—ranging from $4 per day to $15 per toll depending on the company.

The convenience toll road fees, which are buried in the car rental paperwork, are making news in Canada, one of the most important international tourism markets for Florida. A recent article in the Globe and Mail reported about one Canadian couple’s experience in Miami—and how costly a wrong turn can add up—when they unknowingly traveled a toll road as a result of taking a different exit than usual and ended up paying $26.15 instead of just the two 70-cent tolls.

State Rep. Ed Narain was unaware of this issue, but upon finding out, said that he plans to talk to the Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee in the House about addressing whether these toll road fees are fair and if there is a need for stricter guidelines for car rental companies.

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