two car accident

Should I Settle with the insurance company or consult with a lawyer after my Car Accident? By Tod Aronovitz | 02/12/21 | 0 Comment

If you have been injured in a car accident, then the other driver’s insurance company may offer a settlement for[…]

whistleblower law

Been Fired for Whistleblowing? What to do next! By Tod Aronovitz | 09/11/20 | 0 Comment

What is a Whistleblower? A Whistleblower is a person who in good-faith believes that his or her employer has violated[…]

medical negligence

5 Ways to Prove Medical Negligence By Tod Aronovitz | 08/07/20 | 0 Comment

Medical negligence occurs when medical professionals, in the process of providing medical care to patients, end up causing harm as[…]

car accident

5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident By Tod Aronovitz | 08/03/20 | 0 Comment

Every step after a car accident should be aimed at helping you recover from your injuries and preserving any evidence.[…]

medical malprctice

Various Surgical Errors Lead to Injured Patients Filing a Large Number of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Each Year By Tod Aronovitz | 07/24/20 | 0 Comment

Every year patients who have been injured as a result of errors committed during surgical procedures file medical malpractice claims.[…]

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