medical malpractice issues to be filed

What Issues Can Be Filed in a Medical Malpractice Case? By Tod Aronovitz | 03/20/20 | 0 Comment

People who are victims of medical malpractice often underestimate the amount of damages they can seek from the responsible parties in a lawsuit. They also frequently are not aware of the types of harm for which they can and should be compensated. These are a few of the types of damages your Miami medical malpractice attorneys can seek for you in your case: Aronovitz Law Can Help You Recover Damages for Your Past and Future Medical[…]

complication after surgery

Complications After Surgery? Why You Need a Lawyer By Tod Aronovitz | 03/13/20 | 0 Comment

Even the most well-trained, well-credentialed surgeons are not perfect. No one is. Surgeons make mistakes during surgery, and these mistakes can lead to post-surgical complications for their patients. If you have suffered complications after your surgery, here are a few reasons you would be wise to retain a surgery mistake malpractice attorney: You Need a Miami Medical Malpractice Attorney to Guide You Through the Injury Claim Process Filing an injury claim with the responsible party’s[…]

bad surgery

When You Should Begin a Case After Getting Called Out of a Bad Surgery By Tod Aronovitz | 03/06/20 | 0 Comment

A bad surgery can have ill effects as minor as dull pain and as severe as internal hemorrhaging. After you have had a bad surgery, your complications can be unbearable. On top of the condition that was being surgically repaired, now you need additional treatment for the ill effects your botched surgery caused. Here are a couple reasons why you should hire a surgery mistake malpractice law firm in Miami FL and begin your case[…]

medical error

Anesthesia and Medical Errors Do Occur: How You Can Be Compensated By Tod Aronovitz | 10/25/19 | 0 Comment

When you go to the hospital for surgery and have a procedure performed on the wrong body part, it can have an immense physical and emotional impact on you. Depending on the type of incorrect surgery that was performed, the effects can be catastrophic. In the event that this type of medical mistake happens to you, contact an experienced medical malpractice law firm in Miami, Florida. Miami medical malpractice attorneys can help you hold the[…]

Anesthesia and Medical Errors

Anesthesia and Medical Errors Do Occur: How You Can Be Compensated By Tod Aronovitz | 10/18/19 | 0 Comment

Medical errors are frighteningly common in Florida and elsewhere in the nation, causing serious physical and emotional suffering and, in too many cases, the death of patients. Fortunately, victims and their families in Florida have legal options which are available with the help of a Miami, FL malpractice law firm. They should specifically seek legal advice now from the firm Aronovitz Law. Types of Medical Malpractice Anesthesia medical errors may occur in hospitals, clinics or[…]

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