Christmas Shopping: Slip and Fall at the Mall By Tod Aronovitz | 12/19/18 | 0 Comment

Legal Assistance for Shoppers Who Experience Slip and Fall Accidents

christmas shopping slip & fall

Christmas shopping can be both hectic and exciting, but it can also be calamitous. Pedestrian falls occurring at malls or other shopping areas can cause serious and debilitating injuries, even death, to those who experience them. If the victims and their families plan to seek damages from the responsible parties, they will require the assistance of a Miami personal injury attorney to ensure their fair treatment under Florida law. They can obtain such help from Aronovitz Law. 

The Risk of Falls 

The risk of falls involving shoppers can be expected to increase during the busy holiday season, especially in cases where business owners or managers fail to take the steps needed to protect customers, visitors or others who had the legal right to be on their premises. Some of the risks holiday shoppers may encounter: 

•Floors that are wet or otherwise slippery 
•Loose carpeting                                                                                       •Overloaded or defective displays
•Defective stairs or handrails 
•Insufficient warnings regarding known hazards 

Property owners or managers who violate Florida’s premises liability laws can be held financially culpable for any injuries that result from this failure. Personal injury attorneys in Miami can help determine who is most responsible for damages and the amount needed to cover the costs incurred. 

After a Serious Fall 

It is important for anyone who is seriously injured in a fall to receive immediate medical attention. In order for any subsequent litigation to be successful, it will also be necessary to prove that the injury was directly related to the original danger about which the business owner knew or should have known.  Miami slip & fall attorneys can help determine these and other issues, enabling victims to obtain the compensation they need to cover medical expenses and other costs related to their injuries. This is why the victims of such accidents should turn to the legal services available from Aronovitz Law.