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Miami class action lawyer Tod Aronovitz observed that many consumers were rewarded with settlements last year, resolving allegations filed in a wide range of class action lawsuits.  A recent Claims Journal article listed the top five settlement payments in 2014, based on news reported by “Top Class Actions” newsletter:

1. $1.1 Billion Settlement involving 10 Manufacturers of LCD Panels

Payments paid out as a result of this significant settlement resolved multiple class action lawsuits filed in 2006.  Claimants alleged that 10 manufacturers had conspired to fix and raise prices of flat-panel monitors and televisions since 1999.  Consumers across 24 states, who purchased electronics with LCD screens from 2007 through 2008, received their rewards in October—some of which amounted to more than $500.

2. $53 Million iPhone & iPod Warranty Settlement

Plaintiffs in this class action accused Apple of refusing to honor warranties for iPhones and iPods because Liquid Contact Indicators used in these devices determined that they made contact with water. A class action lawsuit was subsequently filed after the manufacturer of these indicators admitted that humidity could cause malfunction.  Owners received checks amounting to $122-$250 in September as a result of the 2013 settlement with Apple.

3. Honda Engines Excessively Burning Oil – Settlement Undisclosed

In a class action lawsuit made by owners of the Accord, Odyssey, Pilot and Crosstour, plaintiffs complained that their vehicles excessively burned oil.  Although Honda Motor Co. rejected the allegations, the automaker did agree to a settlement in 2013.  Thousands of Honda owners filed claims and received free warranty extensions and refunds for repairs.  While the total dollar amount of the settlement was undisclosed, average payouts between $235 and $294 were sent out to claimants in July.

4. Gerber Childrenswear – Settlement Undisclosed

Plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit claimed that Gerber-brand apparel made by Jay Jay Mills and Kitex from 2005 through 2009 contained chemicals that caused skin irritation.  Gerber refuted the allegations, but agreed to provide consumer reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs.  Although the total class action settlement was undisclosed, hundreds of consumers received checks from Gerber Childrenswear for up to $200 this past summer.

5. $18.6 Million Intellicorp Background Check Settlement

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was at the center of this class action dispute. Class members were job seekers who claimed that background reports, submitted to potential employers by third party Intellicorp Records Inc. or Insurance Information Exchange (IIX), were either inaccurate or violated the FCRA because plaintiffs were not notified when results from a Criminal SuperSearch were submitted.  Information contained in a Criminal Supersearch included records of criminal or traffic arrests or convictions, or other criminal history between April 16, 2010 and September 16, 2013.  Claimants were eligible to receive between $50 and $2,000 depending on the extent of inaccuracies in their reports.

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