Did A Delayed Diagnosis Cause Medical Complications-You May Have A Medical Malpractice Case By Tod Aronovitz | 06/04/18 | 0 Comment

delayed diagnosis

Delayed Diagnosis 

When people hear the term medical malpractice, many of them think of something that a doctor did to a patient to cause an illness or injury. For example, the doctor can give the patient a wrong medication or make a mistake during surgery. However, many medical malpractice cases are due to the fact that a doctor failed to diagnose an illness.

If a doctor does not diagnose a patient with a medical condition, then that person’s condition will likely get worse. The patient may die if they have a medical condition that is not treated.

Proving Medical Malpractice 

Doctors are not held responsible for every diagnostic error. In order to prove that medical malpractice occurred, the patient has to be able to prove that a doctor-patient relationship existed. They also have to be able to prove that the doctor was negligent. This means that they did not provide care in a manner that was competent and skillful. Additionally, they have to be able to prove that a doctor’s negligence caused a permanent injury.

It is important to note that even if a doctor is skilled, they can still make a mistake. However, if the doctor did not act competently, then they could face medical malpractice claims.

How Delayed Diagnosis Occurs 

An error can occur when diagnostic tests are performed. For example, the equipment may have been faulty. The wrong sample may have been used. If the test results are not read properly, then this can lead to delayed diagnosis. Additionally, the doctor may diagnose the patient with the wrong condition.

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