Driver in Miami Hit-and-Run Car Crash Later Has His Attorney Call the Florida Highway Patrol By Tod Aronovitz | 09/10/14 | 0 Comment

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, a driver of a black Mercedes Benz who was allegedly driving recklessly before he hit and injured another driver and fled the scene of an accident, may have had second thoughts about his actions and had his attorney call authorities after the crash, a story on Local 10 News reported.

According to witnesses, the man in the Mercedes was speeding and zigzagging along Miami Gardens Drive before he ran a red light and smashed into a silver Toyota that was traveling north on Northeast 18th Avenue. The driver then clipped a power pole and hit a tow truck before literally running away from the scene, police said.

The woman driving the Toyota was flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital where she is currently in critical condition.

Trooper Joe Sanchez, PIO FHP, revealed that the impact of the hit-and-run crash was so severe that it caused the car to spin around and eject the victim from her vehicle.

The tow truck driver who was subsequently hit had no serious injuries.

The attorney for the driver of the Mercedes is supposedly cooperating with investigators, and they now know who caused the hit-and-run accident.

The Florida legislature recently passed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act which stiffened the penalties for drivers who leave the scene of an accident. The new law, which created a four-year minimum mandatory sentence for drivers who flee accidents involving death, also strengthened penalties for those failing to remain at the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury. It is now a second-degree felony and carries the potential to have a driver’s license revoked.

In this particular case, authorities say that the driver of the Mercedes could face possible vehicular manslaughter charges if for some reason the victim’s condition worsens.

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