ARONOVITZ LAW is pleased to announce that they have reached a confidential settlement on behalf of the family of an elderly Miami couple killed in a deadly auto accident earlier this year. The accident victims, who were both in their 80s, were killed when driving through the intersection at 8th Street and 89th Avenue after their car was struck on the driver’s side by another vehicle. The accident immediately killed the husband, who was driving, while his wife of over 60 years died 10 days later as a result of her injuries.

The family of the accident victims believed that the driver of the other vehicle, who sustained only minor injuries, was not paying attention prior to the accident or was otherwise at fault. A confidential settlement was reached with the driver’s insurance company and, in accordance with the confidential nature of the settlement, the names of the parties involved will not be disclosed.

In a similar accident recently, a Ferrari slammed into the car being driven by 60 year old Jose Arrojas’ vehicle, killing him and seriously injuring his partner, Miguel Larrieu. The driver of the Ferrari sped away, although the car was eventually located and impounded. Florida Highway Patrol began a search for the driver, who refused to talk about the accident once he was located.

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