How Miami is Making It Safe for Cyclists By Tod Aronovitz | 08/24/18 | 0 Comment

cyclistsDespite Miami being one of the safest cities in the nation for cyclists, there’s still room for improvement. In the country, Florida has the most cyclist fatalities with Miami being the fourth deadliest. With 3,591 bicycle injuries and 47 deaths, it’s time for Miami to make serious updates to infrastructures that are out-of-date and unsafe. If you or someone you know experiences a cycling injury, contacting Aronovitz Law, an accident attorney in Miami, is your first step toward recovering damages.

Addition of Bike Lanes in 2006 

In 2006, streets became cycling-friendly when bike lanes sprang up following the death of Omar Otaola, a 33-year-old biking enthusiast involved in a driver-related fatality on Key Biscayne. The Florida Legislature made it a requirement soon after that drivers create a three-foot space between their vehicle and a cyclist.

White Plastic Poles in 2017 

Bike lanes are not enough to keep a cyclist safe on Miami roadways. Therefore, the addition of white plastic poles creates a barrier protecting cyclists from motorists. The plan is to build these barriers along all Miami street ways, so all bicyclists feel protection while riding. The ultimate goal is to develop environments whereby cyclists no longer feel afraid while riding along the streets.

Miami Bicycle Action Committee 

In 2008, the creation of the Miami Bicycle Action Committee was formed by Miami Mayor Manny Diaz. The first bike coordinator named was cyclist Collin Worth, and it was his responsibility to come forward with all Miami roadway projects. Previously, there was no spokesperson present during planning meetings proposing talking points about the need for making projects safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Finding an Accident Lawyer in Miami

Miami personal injury lawyers are an essential resource for those who experience cycling injuries. Families with a loved who have suffered death at the hand of a driver should contact an accident attorney in Miami immediately. A cyclists accident attorney in Miami like those found at Aronovitz Law will not only help address your needs professionally, but they will provide you with guidance during every step of the way throughout your recovery.