Huggies Class Action Alleges Natural Baby Products Deceptively Mislead and Contain Toxins By Tod Aronovitz | 07/25/13 | 0 Comment

A class action lawsuit brought against Huggies brand manufacturer Kimberly-Clark claims the company allegedly deceived consumers by marketing its Huggies Natural brand baby products as chemically-free and environmentally-friendly when they may actually contain dangerous toxins.

The plaintiffs in the Huggies class action case accuse Kimberly-Clark of capitalizing on increasing consumer demand for organic and environmentally-safe products to profit immensely from its “Natural” line when the baby wipes and diapers have been found to be not much different from the company’s standard Huggies products. According to the plaintiffs, the premium diapers are priced nearly 30 percent higher than traditional Huggies diapers.

In addition to the “Natural” line being less environmentally sound than advertised, the plaintiffs are especially concerned that the products are made with dangerous toxins that have been restricted or banned in other countries due to their harmful effects.

They claim that Huggies Natural Wipes contain the allegedly hazardous substance methylisothiazolinone, which is linked to skin toxicity, immune disruption and allergic reactions and may also act as a neurotoxin. Japan and Canada currently prohibit use of this substance in cosmetics. They also argue the wipes contain sodium methylparaben, a substance that acts as an immune toxicant, endocrine disruptor, and allergen. The plaintiffs maintain that this substance has been banned by the European Union.

In the suit, Kimberly-Clark is also accused of misleading consumers with claims that its Huggies Natural Diapers are made with organic cotton. According to the lawsuit, the organic cotton makes up the outside of the diapers, never actually touching the baby’s skin. The plaintiffs also allege that while Kimberly-Clark claims to use an environmentally sound liner in its Huggies Natural Diapers, the liner contains several of the potentially harmful ingredients used in their regular diapers, including polypropylene and sodium polyacrylate.

The Huggies class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all U.S. consumers who purchased Huggies Natural Wipes or Natural Diapers since 2006. The plaintiffs are asserting violations of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising Law, the Environmental Marketing Claims Act, Unfair Competition Law and the Wisconsin Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

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