Miami Personal Injury Protection: Why you need it. By Tod Aronovitz | 12/07/18 | 0 Comment

The state of Florida requires all vehicle owners to maintain personal injury protection as part of their auto insurance policy coverage. Personal injury protection is designed to allow immediate coverage for medical expenses and lost wages after an accident and is the first recovery alternative when submitting a medical bill. These benefits are paid regardless of fault for a collision, which offers automatic initial medical coverage after being involved in an accident. The standard coverage[…]

What are the Requirements for Medical Informed Consent in Florida? By Tod Aronovitz | 11/30/18 | 0 Comment

Doctors and other medical providers are required to obtain informed consent from a patient before they perform a medical procedure. Informed consent must explain the nature of the procedure and what it is intended to correct, any potential risks associated with the procedure and any possible alternatives to the procedure. The medical provider who is going to perform the procedure should obtain informed consent. A patient must agree to a medical procedure only after all[…]

Medical Malpractice: 3 Reasons To File A Claim By Tod Aronovitz | 11/23/18 | 0 Comment

When you visit a doctor, you place your trust in that person’s ability to get you well. However, while most doctors provide high levels of care to their patients, there are times when errors are made, resulting in dire consequences for patients. These can include permanent physical and/or mental impairment, disfigurement, or even death. When this happens, a medical malpractice claim should be filed. However, due to the complexities involved in these cases, it’s crucial[…]

What is the Statute of Limitations for Florida Medical Malpractice Claims? By Tod Aronovitz | 11/16/18 | 0 Comment

If you or loved ones have suffered because of medical errors, negligence, or misconduct, you may be looking for a malpractice attorney in Miami. You will need to act quickly and call Aronovitz Law because there is a time limit on your right to file a lawsuit: the statute of limitations. Under Florida law, you have 2 years from when the malpractice occurred, or 2 years from when it was discovered or should have been[…]

Miami’s Diverging Diamond Interchange: Accident Prevention By Tod Aronovitz | 11/16/18 | 0 Comment

New Traffic Patterns Reduce Some Risks, May Increase Others Miami’s new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) offers the promise of reducing accidents and traffic congestion. However, it also creates its own challenges for drivers, perhaps increasing the chance of having a car accident in Miami. Crashes resulting from the negligent actions of others will require legal intervention by Miami car accident lawyers so that the victims can get the financial compensation that they deserve. This type[…]