Make Holiday Hosting a Happy, Not Hazardous, Occasion By Tod Aronovitz | 12/24/14 | 0 Comment

Many people enjoy entertaining guests at their homes this time of year, but holiday hosting pressures and changes in routines may leave homeowners open to more security threats and safety risks.

People who sponsor holiday hosting events need to be particularly aware of the increased likelihood of theft and to protect against the disappearance of valuables, including precious items such as jewelry that are small in size and could go unnoticed.

While it is easy to assume a relaxed attitude about safety over the holidays, hosts and hostesses may find it helpful to take a few precautionary steps during holiday hosting events:

  • Put away valuables before hosting a party.
  • Avoid leaving a door unlocked for a friend or family member.
  • Protect hidden house keys intended for a friend that could easily be found by a burglar.
  • Don’t store valuables such as gifts in the passenger compartment of a car, where they can be seen and stolen.
  • Keep an eye on your personal items, like a purse or cell phone, when attending a holiday party.

The online behavior of shoppers can also tempt thieves with news of expensive gift purchases. Shoppers are advised against advertising planned trips to the mall or gift purchases on social media through “check-ins” using geo-location services, travel plan updates, or even photos uploaded while at a holiday party.

All of these activities can result in unintentionally giving today’s “digital thieves” greater insight into the contents of your car’s trunk, times you’re away from home and even the holiday gifts hiding in your closet.

Taking a few extra safety steps before your next holiday party or shopping trip may add to your safety during the holiday season.

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