Miami Dade College Garage Collapse Prompts OSHA Citations By Tod Aronovitz | 04/11/13 | 0 Comment

When a concrete garage being constructed at the Doral Campus of Miami Dade College collapsed last October, four workers were killed and several others injured.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) issued citations this week for what is described as “serious’’ violations of safety regulations. The five building contractors being fined a cumulative total of $38,360 are:

  • Ajax Building Corp., the general contractor
  • Coreslab Structures Miami, the structural component fabricator
  • Florida Lemark Corp., the grouting contractor
  • MEP Structural and Inspections, an inspections agent
  • Solar Erectors US, the erecting contractor

An OSHA inspection following the accident revealed several construction defects, including:

  • Missing welds and grout in support columns
  • Failure to properly brace columns
  • Failure to inspect 18 columns as required
  • Failure to adhere to project drawings and instructions

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed

Several families of the workers involved in the accident have filed wrongful death lawsuits and other charges. The OSHA ruling is expected to strengthen the civil cases.

Miami Dade College plans to decide soon whether they will resume construction or abandon the project. Students have been forced to park at an off-campus location and take shuttle buses to and from classes.

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