Miami Personal Injury Protection: Why you need it. By Tod Aronovitz | 12/07/18 | 0 Comment

personal injury protectionThe state of Florida requires all vehicle owners to maintain personal injury protection as part of their auto insurance policy coverage. Personal injury protection is designed to allow immediate coverage for medical expenses and lost wages after an accident and is the first recovery alternative when submitting a medical bill. These benefits are paid regardless of fault for a collision, which offers automatic initial medical coverage after being involved in an accident. The standard coverage is $10,000 and cannot be increased.

Luckily, there are remedies available when more extensive damages have been suffered especially since the limits of personal injury protection benefits are often exceeded by even nominal medical treatment and lost wages replacement. However, specific rules apply when pursuing damages from other negligent drivers. Miami personal injury attorneys at Aronovitz Law are highly experienced in representing accident victims and know how to proceed when pursuing damages for serious accident injuries.

Advantages of Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

The primary advantage of personal injury protection is that benefits are available immediately after an accident. Coverage includes ambulatory services, medical treatment, and replacement of lost wages. Medical benefits are typically paid at an 80% rate, while lost wages are paid at a 60% rate of total wages based on income earned over the prior 13-week employment period. However, damages for pain and suffering and loss of future earnings are not available with PIP coverage.

Disadvantages of No Fault Insurance Law

Aside from the fact that the state requires PIP coverage for all standard vehicle owners, you need experienced representation to obtain additional damages following a serious accident. Many injuries will result in medical bills well beyond the $10,000 standard PIP coverage and will be permanent serious injuries which may meet certain criteria to pursue further damages from a negligent driver. To obtain compensation for serious injuries you will always require a Miami personal injury attorney.

The combined scenario of medical bills, lost wages and serious injuries always requires that you have knowledgeable legal representation after an accident like you can find at Aronovitz Law Miami accident lawyers. Call or click today for a full case evaluation.