Miami’s Diverging Diamond Interchange: Accident Prevention By Tod Aronovitz | 11/16/18 | 0 Comment

Miami RoadsNew Traffic Patterns Reduce Some Risks, May Increase Others

Miami’s new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) offers the promise of reducing accidents and traffic congestion. However, it also creates its own challenges for drivers, perhaps increasing the chance of having a car accident in Miami. Crashes resulting from the negligent actions of others will require legal intervention by Miami car accident lawyers so that the victims can get the financial compensation that they deserve. This type of help is available from Aronovitz Law.

Getting Accustomed to the Miami Diverging Diamond Interchange

Opened during the summer, the DDI changes the traffic flow on Northwest 27th Avenue, allowing vehicles to literally drive on the wrong side of the road as they travel under State Road 836, which is better known as the Dolphin Expressway. The new system is designed to eliminate the need for left turns, which can both increase traffic congestion and the likelihood of vehicular collisions.

The Success of DDI Systems

A similar DDI has cut crashes by more than half since it was introduced last year in the Florida city of Saratoga. In one case, however, the new traffic pattern may have confused a motorist and resulted in a head-on collision that claimed two lives. Driver confusion can be a factor anywhere, even at the Miami DDI. It is the victims of confused, distracted, intoxicated or reckless drivers who can benefit from the services available from Miami personal injury lawyers.

What to do After an Accident

After a car crash, it is of primary importance to provide immediate medical attention to anyone injured in the crash. Those who have suffered serious injuries will probably require financial compensation to cover medical expenses or lost wages. Miami car accident lawyers can help these victims obtain the damages they require. This is why victims and their families should call Aronovitz Law.