Most Common Dangers On Cruise Ships By Tod Aronovitz | 05/08/20 | 0 Comment

cruise ships danger

When you finally get the chance to take that cruise you have dreamed about for years, you are excited and eager to begin your journey. But as more people have found out in recent years, being a passenger on a cruise ship can quickly turn into a nightmare situation. From various illnesses to accidents, the fact is cruise ships are the sites of many accidents and fatalities each year. As for the most common dangers on cruise ships, here are a few to be aware of while on vacation.


As we have witnessed with the recent coronavirus pandemic, cruise ships are places where diseases can spread very quickly. Since everyone is within a contained space and often spending large amounts of time very close together, illnesses can spread and quickly create havoc and possibly life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, most cruise ships have limited medical staffs, resulting in patients often getting far sicker than they should. If this has happened to you or a loved one, contact Miami FL cruise ship injury lawyers at Aronovitz Law.

Slippery Decks

On many cruise ships, decks can become very slippery. Since these ships often contain numerous swimming pools on each level, passengers who enter and exit these pools leave water all around on decks. However, cruise ship employees usually fail to ensure these decks are kept as dry as possible, leading to many slip and fall accidents taking place. Since these accidents are notorious for causing traumatic brain injuries, a passenger suffering such an accident requires immediate medical attention. 

If you took a cruise that you thought would be the trip of a lifetime only to see it become a nightmare, hold the cruise ship company accountable for its negligence. To do so, schedule your consultation today with Miami FL cruise ship injury lawyers at Aronovitz Law to discuss the details of your case.