Motorcyclists Safety: Road Hazards By Tod Aronovitz | 12/14/18 | 0 Comment

Safety Tips and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists in Florida

motorcycle accidentMotorcycling is particularly popular in Florida but its popularity has come with a price, with the state leading the nation in annual biker fatalities. The victims of crashes that result from the negligence of someone else may consider seeking damages from the negligent party but they should first seek help from Aronovitz Law, motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

According to official statistics, the death rate is 26 times higher for motorcycles than for automobiles. However, bikers can take a number of steps to lessen the chance of having an accident and reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a crash. Although Florida law does not require that adult bikers who are properly insured wear them, helmets make motorcycling much safer. Additionally, bikers and their riders should protect their eyes and wear clothing that is sufficiently durable and bright enough to be seen by others. In terms of their riding techniques, bikers should always obey traffic and speeding laws, ride within the limits of their abilities and never ride while intoxicated. Motorcycles are not as visible as automobiles which means that bikers should allow for proper clearance with other vehicles, especially large trucks. New bikers should consider taking safety courses and experienced bikers should consider recurrent training.

Seeking Help from Miami Accident Lawyers

Motorcyclists who are safety conscious are not immune from accidents caused by others. Those who suffer serious injuries in accidents or those who lose family members in fatal crashes may be eligible for financial compensation, but they will need intervention by a Miami motorcycle accident attorney to ensure that the damages obtained are sufficient to cover the losses they have experienced. This is why victims and their families should turn to the services available from Aronovitz Law.