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Consumer Class Action Litigation

class action Class action litigation seeks to bring similar claims in one case, in one court. The people who bring a class-action case are called “class representatives” or “named plaintiffs.” They sue on behalf of themselves and other people who have similar claims, called the “class” or “class members”.

Class actions may be brought in state or federal court and may involve class members in one state, several states or throughout the country. At ARONOVITZ LAW, we take pride in being your Miami Class Action lawyers.

Class action cases help to further the goals of consumer protection and protect the rights of consumers. This type of suit offers many benefits for both class members and the legal system:

  • Class action litigation is very efficient, easing the burden on the legal system by reducing the amount of time and money required to resolve consumer complaints. Both the court system and defendants benefit by resolving similar consumer issues and legal claims in one court, rather than on a piecemeal basis in numerous states or federal courts.
  • An individual consumer is rarely a match for huge corporations with large legal staffs. By joining with many people in one case, consumers in class action cases level the legal playing field. Consumers who suffer damages that are too small to warrant an individual suit can join in a class action to pursue a claim against a wrongdoer in a cost-effective manner. For example, if an individual consumer suffers a loss of $50 or $100, the consumer is unlikely to sue to recover such a small sum. Class actions permit consumers to pool legal claims that might be uneconomical and unrealistic to litigate individually.
  • A class action is a critical deterrent to the future misconduct of defendants (the persons or corporations being sued) and others in the same industry. While successful class actions may bring only small recoveries to each individual class member, when all class members’ recoveries are combined, the total amount recovered may be substantial-perhaps even millions of dollars. Such an award becomes a tremendous incentive for businesses and individuals to adopt more ethical practices.
  • ARONOVITZ LAW has successfully represented many consumers who recognize us as the leading Miami Class Action lawyers.
  • In class action suits, class members and their lawyers often act as “private attorneys general” to enforce laws to protect the public at large, obtaining court orders leading to significant changes in wrongful practices and requiring disgorgement of illegal profits. Among other things, class action suits have:
    • Granted various forms of relief for consumers who were the victims of fraud or deceptive or unfair business practices.
    • Removed many defective products from the market and held accountable those who made them available to the public.
    • Upheld the civil and privacy rights of individuals.
    • Compensated class members who have been overcharged; charged false premiums, fees and costs; or charged illegally high interest rates and penalties.

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