Cruise Ship Injuries, Accidents & Medical Malpractice

staying safe in cruise shipCruise ship vacations are very popular excursions for many who enjoy being at sea with many onboard and excursion activities. But cruise ships are also floating islands in the ocean to a large degree and passengers on the ship are often subject to dangers while enjoying the voyage. The problem is that this is commonly unknown to the passengers who can easily be involved in accidents, have serious medical problems, crew member assaults, and even a communicable disease issue in some instances. The latter is clearly a concern in society and stands as a possibility that few consider when booking the vacation. And when calamities do occur on a cruise ship, you can bet that the cruise ship company will try to mitigate your damages. This is why you always need an aggressive Miami cruise ship accident attorney like Aronovitz Law representing your claim from the very beginning.

Why should you hire an experienced cruise ship accident attorney?

The typical injured victim is rarely capable of holding the cruise ship accountable after an injury occurs. These claims are always defended vigorously and many times the cruise ship will even make a concession offer that dwarfs the true value of the injury case. Your Miami cruise ship accident attorney can assemble all of the material facts in the case and craft a presentation for the court that establishes liability and proves a breach of a reasonable duty of care owed to the passengers. Even with a strong case, the cruise ship will still defend the case claiming that the passenger is at fault. That’s why you need an experienced cruise ship accident attorney who have won huge jury verdicts and financial settlements in the past.

Potential Damages

Financial recovery for cruise ship accident injuries begins with special damages for expenses incurred like medical bills. However, the true value of the claim is the amount that is paid for long-term issues resulting from permanent injuries, as well as money damages for pain and suffering. Punitive damages could also be available in serious cases when gross negligence can be proven by your attorney.

Never attempt representing yourself in a cruise ship accident case because the value of your case could be much greater than you realize. We have represented injured passengers from several state including California and Florida.  If you were injured during your cruise ship vacation you should always call Miami cruise ship accident attorney Aronovitz Law for aggressive representation.