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head injury on a car accident

A head on car crash can result in devastating injuries and even death in the worst cases. This type of automobile collision occurs when two vehicles slam into each other while driving down a highway. This usually happens when one of the cars is driving the wrong way often at night or when visibility is poor according to one knowledgeable Miami personal injury attorney. 

What Exactly Is a Head on Car Crash? 

A head on car collision refers to two vehicles coming face-to-face driving in the opposite direction. The impact involves the front of one car smashing against the front of another car that is traveling in the opposite direction. This type of accident is more likely when one of the drivers are unfamiliar with the roads in the area. Driving under the influence or while tired are key factors in some of these devastating car crashes. 

Head on Car Collisions Have a Greater Likelihood of Causing Death 

The higher the speeds that the vehicles were traveling usually results in greater injuries overall. This type of automobile collision is likely to cause long-term injuries that are severe in nature and/or death either right away or as a complication of the accident later. Miami collision accident attorneys can help family members file a lawsuit to obtain compensation to cover medical bills, costs of a funeral and for pain and suffering if the other driver was at fault. 

Why Driver Distraction from Texting or Phone Calls Is Dangerous 

Miami personal injury attorneys have seen their share of driver distractions involving texting and driving or talking on a phone without using Bluetooth. If a serious car collision occurs due to these distractions, that driver can be held liable for any injuries or death related costs. 

That could amount to a lot of money and other possible court fines points against their driver’s license and even revoking their driver’s license for multiple offenses or charges of reckless driving. The bottom line, never text and drive, and always use a Bluetooth speaker or pull over before talking on the phone. 

Why Drivers Should Remain Alert When Driving a Motor Vehicle 

This is why drivers need to remain alert at all times a Miami personal injury lawyer cautions. If a driver is tired and/or has been driving for hours, the driver should pull off the road and get out to walk around, eat something, or just to relax for a few minutes. Rolling down a window to allow fresh air inside the car can help prevent sleepiness that sometimes happens when a heater is blasting warmed air. 

What to Do if a Car Is Coming at You Suddenly While Driving 

If you’re driving down the road and spot headlights moving towards you, do everything possible to avoid a collision. Flash your headlights off and on, blast the car horn and try to steer your car away from the other vehicle. This may mean driving off the road entirely. 

Don’t Risk Driving While Drunk, Tired or Distracted 

Miami personal injury lawyers warn drivers to never risk driving while drunk, tired or distracted. If you are found at fault, the other party can sue you for damages and compensation in court. If you are involved in a head on car crash, get in touch with a Miami accident attorney right away. The innocent party must prove the other driver was reckless or negligent to win a legal case. 


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