Risperdal Whistleblowers Get $20 Million+ Rewards in J&J’s $2.2 Billion Settlement By Tod Aronovitz | 02/05/14 | 0 Comment

As we reported in our ARONOVITZ Blog on November 14, whistleblowers received a record $167.7 million for their information in a nine-year government investigation into the alleged illegal marketing claims made about Johnson & Johnson’s popular anti-psychotic drug Risperdal and two additional drugs, as well as Medicare fraud. Along with the U.S. Department of Justice, Johnson & Johnson announced a staggering $2.2 billion settlement to resolve criminal investigations and civil probes, in which it admitted no liability or wrongdoing.

According to a more recent update on Bloomberg News, eight Risperdal whistleblowers received substantial rewards amounting to over $20 million each.

Bloomberg revealed that five former J&J employees filed such cases under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act and will receive almost $29 million each as a result of bringing the matter to the government’s attention and waiting while the feds investigated before going public.

In addition, one whistleblower received a $20.3 million award after a settlement in Texas, while two others will receive about $28 million each for information involving separate cases: the marketing of another drug at a J&J subsidiary and kickbacks to a nursing home pharmacy.

While the rewards may have been worthwhile, patience and stress were also part of the painstaking process for the J & J whistleblowers while they waited for the government to build and defend its case for almost a decade. Bloomberg News reported that several of them agreed to wear a wire and work with agents from the Department of Justice nearby. If any of them were discovered, it wasn’t clear what would have happened to them.

In settling the case, J&J signed a five-year corporate integrity agreement with the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services. Also as part of the Affordable Care Act, drug companies and medical-device makers are now required to publicly disclose any money paid to doctors to make patients aware of potential conflicts of interest that may affect their health.

The J & J whistleblowers and their rewards, as reported by Bloomberg News:

  1. Victoria Starr – almost $29 million, first case in 2004, alleged J & J subsidiary Jansen Pharmaceuticals Inc. promoted Risperdal to health care providers for off-label purposes
  2. Lynn Powell – almost $29 million, alleged off-label marketing of Risperdal
  3. Judy Doetterl – almost $29 million, wore a wire at a J & J national sales meeting to prove off-label marketing tactics of Risperdal
  4. Camille McGowan – almost $29 million, Doetterl’s former boss, alleged off-label marketing of Risperdal
  5. Kurtis J. Barry – almost $29 million, provided a break in the case of alleged off-label marketing of Risperdal in 2010
  6. Allen Jones – $20.3 million when J&J paid $158 million to settle with Texas over Risperdal
  7. Joseph Strom – almost $28 million, sued J&J subsidiary, Scios Inc., over marketing of the heart failure drug Natrecor
  8. Bernard Lisitza – almost $28, for alleging kickbacks to Omnicare Inc. (OCR), a nursing home pharmacy

How to Report Miami Medicare Fraud

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