Steps to Take If You Are Injured in an Accident on a Cruise Ship By Tod Aronovitz | 04/24/20 | 0 Comment

girl slipped in a cruise ship

While enjoying your time in the sun on a luxurious cruise ship, you were injured. Obviously, you don’t want to ignore a potential claim for a serious injury, but you might not know what to do. 

Although it might seem cut and dry, there are certain steps you must take if you were injured on a cruise ship.

Here are the necessary steps to take after you are injured in an accident on a cruise ship and how Aronovitz Law can help. 

Let the Captain Know

The first step to take after sustaining an injury is to notify the captain or the ship’s doctor. If you can’t immediately contact either of them, then you need to report the incident to one of the cruise ship’s employees. 

If you don’t report what happened, you may have no recourse to file a claim. Most cruise ships have protocols in the event that an accident occurs, so depending on what happened, it’s important to contact the proper authorities to ensure that the cruise line reported the incident.

Take Note of the Entire Situation

Even if you’re not planning to file a lawsuit, you should still document everything that transpired regarding the incident. You’ll then have documented evidence just in case the cruise line tries to escape their responsibility for the accident. Write down everything that occurred and take photos of the incident as well as the injury you received. It’s also beneficial to enlist the help of any witnesses, including their names and contact information, who may have seen the injury take place.

Once you’ve acquired all the necessary information, it’s time to look for Miami personal injury attorneys.

Get in Touch with an Attorney

If the cruise line refuses to cooperate, you’ll have no choice but to rely on Miami personal injury attorneys. They can help you pursue your claim against the cruise line and make sure you receive appropriate compensation. 

However, the deadline to file a claim after a cruise ship accident is extremely short, so you need to act quickly. If not, you may miss the window to recover money damages. 

Have you been injured on a cruise ship? Aronovitz Law is here to help. Contact us today and we’ll make sure you’re compensated as quickly as possible.