Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claims By Tod Aronovitz | 11/13/12 | 0 Comment

Miami residents breathed a sigh of relief when Hurricane Sandy brushed the South Florida coast in late October without much more than high wind and overcast skies.

Homeowners who live near the waterfront in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are not as lucky. Once the initial shock of the storm surge and power outages wears off, Northeast homeowners will face the frequently arduous task of trying to collect insurance coverage for property damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.

A recent New York Times article titled, “After the Storm: Your Homeowner’s Claim,” outlines the difficulties that homeowners commonly encounter when filing a claim with their insurance company. Florida homeowners are likely to recognize many of these challenges:

  • Working with Independent Adjusters. The term “independent” can be misleading, since these adjusters work for an insurance company on a contract basis. They are usually compensated based on the number of jobs they handle, or a percentage of the claim settled. An independent adjuster is different from a “public” adjuster, who is paid by the policyholder.
  • Wind versus Flood Insurance Coverage. Many homeowners incorrectly assume that flooding is covered by their homeowners’ policy. Unfortunately, this is not true for most standard homeowners’ policies. Flood insurance is underwritten through the federal government by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Some of these disputes most certainly will end in litigation.
  • Repair and Replacement Costs. As Florida homeowners who have had to replace a roof in recent years know, the cost of building supplies and construction repairs can skyrocket after a hurricane.  Policy holders will want to make sure any estimate for repairs reflects escalating prices and comparable material quality.

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