Surgical Errors Create Medical Malpractice Cases By Tod Aronovitz | 07/26/21 | 0 Comment

surgical error

Sadly, surgical errors can create medical malpractice cases according to one experienced Miami Medical Malpractice attorney. In fact, surgical mistakes and errors are only second to diagnostic errors in medical malpractice cases which is an alarmingly high rate. 

Patients can become seriously injured, become permanently disabled, or suffer from surgically related complications due to an error in the operating room including the preoperative and postoperative recovery areas. Some patients die due to surgical errors or some other mishap while undergoing or recovering from surgery. 

Common Surgical Errors that May Result in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits 

Performing or undergoing surgery is risky business states a seasoned Miami surgical error attorney who’s seen his share of medical malpractice claims through the years. While there are many different surgical errors that could and sometimes do occur during surgery, there are some common surgical errors that seem to occur more often. 

These surgical errors include: 

  • Operating on the wrong person or wrong surgical site
  • Surgeon performance errors
  • Leaving behind surgical supplies and/or instruments
  • Unnecessary infection due to surgical delay or contamination on the surgical field
  • Development of nerve pain due to surgical mishap/error
  • Distractions during operation
  • Surgical mistakes due to miscommunication
  • Surgeon or operating staff not trained or skilled with surgical procedures or equipment

How Lax Rules About Identification Measures May Lead to Surgical Errors

Every surgeon and operating staff member must be trained according to the guidelines that cover these professions. In addition, each surgical department will have precise procedures that must be followed explains a Miami surgical error lawyer. 

Lax rules about patient and/or operating site identification procedures and measures are a leading cause of surgical errors each year. These procedures begin even before being wheeled into the operating room itself and continue in the postoperative departments as well. 

Delays in Surgery Can Lead to Unnecessary Surgical Related Infections 

Having an invasive procedure, like surgery, increases a person’s risk for infection. This is the reason why there are set rules and standards of care that surgical staff members must follow. Delays in surgery at any point can lead to unnecessary surgical-related infections. A systemic infection can be deadly. These infections are more likely in orthopedic, general, and neurological surgeries. Contamination of the surgical field may also lead to an infection. 

Leaving Behind Surgical Supplies & Instruments Happens Too Often 

There are instrument and supply counts that must be done at certain intervals during surgery. These counts will vary somewhat from one hospital to another. Improper counts or failure to get an immediate X-ray if a count is inaccurate happens far too often says one knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney in Miami. 

Lack of Proper Training for High-Tech Equipment & Procedures Increases Risks 

The surgical field changes quickly with new ways to do certain operating procedures. The high-tech equipment will also require experience and training to use it as it is intended for patient safety. Lack of proper training regarding the use of surgical technological equipment and/or new surgical techniques increases a patient’s risk for serious injuries and infections. 

Where to Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Miami 

If you or a family member has had recent surgery and have developed complications, like nerve pain or an infection, or were injured in some manner, get in touch with a dedicated Miami medical malpractice lawyer right away. Contact Aronovitz Law at online to learn more regarding a possible medical malpractice concern or to schedule an appointment.