Class members in a lawsuit alleging defects in certain windows manufactured and/or sold by Pella Corporation have agreed to a settlement with the company that is worth more than $90 million to consumers. The class action suit claims design flaws have caused or will cause extensive damage to the windows, window finishing, homes and/or personal property as a result of water-related intrusions. Both the plaintiffs and defendant asked the judge on Monday to approve the deal.

According to the litigation settlement, all people in the United States who are current or former owners of structures containing Pella® ProLine® brand casement, awning and/or transom windows (including 250 and 450 series), manufactured by Pella Corporation between 1991 and 2006, may receive cash benefits either through the claims process or the arbitration process, but not from both. Some class members may instead receive discounts or coupons.

If filing a claim form, eligible members may receive up to $750 per structure provided there is supporting documentation. Under arbitration, eligible members may receive up to $6,000 per structure through an expedited process in which settlement class members do not have to prove a window defect, although the defendant reserves the right to all other defenses. Class members without receipts may still submit a claim or arbitration form by including the appropriate information contained on the windows.

The deadline for filing is July 23, 2013. Complete claims and arbitration forms with supporting documentation must be sent via first-class postage prepaid United States mail postmarked no later than that date to the Settlement Administrator at: Window Settlement, P.O. Box 2876, Portland, OR 97208-2876.  Forms will not be accepted via phone or the Internet, or after that postmark.  For more information, visit

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