Veterans Administration in West Palm Beach Target of Healthcare Fraud By Tod Aronovitz | 11/04/14 | 0 Comment

The former Chief of Prosthetics at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center is facing federal charges of healthcare fraud, according to an announcement by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

The former VA employee, Timothy Rouch, 47, of Port St. Lucie, allegedly collaborated with AAA Medical Discount owner Frankie Lane, 52, formerly of Boca Raton, in a scheme involving medical durable equipment intended to serve the needs of injured or disabled veterans. Rouch is charged with soliciting and accepting kickbacks for medical equipment orders.

AAA Medical Discount reportedly sold $2.2 million in durable medical equipment to the West Palm Beach facility during the time period of 2006 to 2010. The government alleges that much of the equipment ordered never made it into the hands of veterans in need.

According to its website, the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center consists of one VHA facility located on North Military Trail in northern Palm Beach County. The medical center is a general medical, psychiatric and surgical facility. It is also a teaching hospital, and provides a full range of patient care services.

If convicted, both Rouch and Lane face up to 10 years in prison, followed by up to a three-year term of supervised release. Fines of $250,000 may also be assessed, in addition to restitution payments.

In a separate but related note, the VA has been in the news over the past year on a national level for claims that it covered up excessive wait times for veterans trying to schedule medical appointments. Allegations of fraud in the area of veterans’ disability payments have also received media attention.

How to Report Miami Medicare Fraud

Healthcare professionals or medical billing employees who have knowledge of questionable Medicare billing practices can file a confidential legal claim under the False Claims Act. By acting as a “whistleblower” in what is known as a “qui tam” lawsuit, a private party may collect up to 30 percent of the amount recovered, depending on how the case is prosecuted.

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