What Issues Can Be Filed in a Medical Malpractice Case? By Tod Aronovitz | 03/20/20 | 0 Comment

medical malpractice issues to be filed

People who are victims of medical malpractice often underestimate the amount of damages they can seek from the responsible parties in a lawsuit. They also frequently are not aware of the types of harm for which they can and should be compensated. These are a few of the types of damages your Miami medical malpractice attorneys can seek for you in your case:

Aronovitz Law Can Help You Recover Damages for Your Past and Future Medical Bills

The medical treatment you received for your underlying condition was expensive enough, but now you need additional treatment to correct the ill effects of the responsible parties’ malpractice. You can recover compensation for those medical bills, plus any future medical bills you will have to incur as a result of your malpractice-related injuries. 

The Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Aronovitz Law Will Help You Recover Damages for Your Past, Present and Future Pain and Suffering

If you do not have a medical malpractice firm to represent you in your case, it can be difficult to quantify how much your pain and suffering is worth. Aronovitz Law, a medical malpractice law firm in Miami, has a skilled staff that will help you determine your pain and suffering’s value so you can recover maximum compensation for your injuries and avoid leaving anything on the table.

A Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Miami Can Help You Recover Damages for Your Past and Future Lost Wages

Victims of medical malpractice often have to take time off work while their injuries are healing. In a lawsuit, you can claim all the wages you lost while you were off work as damages since you would not have lost them if you had not been a victim. You can also claim future lost wages as damages if your injuries are severe enough to keep you from going back to work in your pre-injury capacity.