Who is liable in a lawsuit when surgery is performed on the wrong part of the patient’s body – the surgeon, the hospital or other medical staff? By Tod Aronovitz | 07/10/20 | 0 Comment

surgery error

Surgeons go through years of education, training, and mentorship before they are allowed to operate on their own. You should be able to trust in the skill, knowledge, and professionalism of your surgeon when you are under their care. The same standards apply to all the medical experts on the team that performs your surgery. And the hospital in which you undergo the treatment should have measures in place to ensure the highest quality of care.

The realization that your surgical team carried out the operation on the wrong body part can be traumatizing, and it can also be dangerous to your health. Although you may never recover from such an error, you can hold people accountable. Working with Miami FL medical malpractice lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Who Should Be Held Accountable?

As odd as it may seem, there have been instances in which surgical teams have operated on the wrong body part. This is often the result of carelessness, mismanagement, lack of experience, and incompetence. All surgeries are carried out by teams. Every member of the team must do their part if the operation is to be successful.

It may be the case that everyone on the team did their job except for the surgeon. If the surgeonshowed up to the operation in an unfit state or did not properly follow their brief for it, then they may end up amputating the wrong limb or extremity or removing perfectly healthy organs. In such an instance, the surgeon alone may be held accountable. But if the surgeon is a hospital employee, the hospital may be held responsible for the surgeon’s negligence. There are other cases in which a series of errors led to the outcome. If multiple people failed to fulfill their duties, then you can hold the entire surgical team and the hospital accountable for your condition.

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