Who is Responsible for a Slip or a Trip and Fall at a Business? By Tod Aronovitz | 08/28/18 | 0 Comment

slip or tripIt doesn’t really matter what type of business you might be visiting. If you slip and fall or trip and fall, the owner or occupier of the premises where you fell can be held liable for any injuries and damages that you suffered. That’s because the owner or occupier has a legal duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition.

Notice of the Condition

Our experienced Miami slip and fall attorneys at Aronovitz Law know that these types of accidents can happen for any number of reasons. A liquid might spill onto a walking surface. An entry mat might be wrinkled or worn and catch a toe or heel. Notwithstanding what might have caused the slipping or tripping accident, liability is going to turn on whether the owner or occupier of the premises knew or should have known about the dangerous condition that caused the slip or trip. If one or both of them did, reasonable measures to remedy the condition or warn the public of it must be taken. If the dangerous condition was ignored, our Miami personal injury lawyers will work to help you be compensated for your injuries and damages.

Comparative Negligence

A common defense to slipping and tripping injuries is that the injured person simply wasn’t watching where he or she was going and was at least a partial cause of the accident. Even if a person is found to be comparatively negligent, compensation can still be awarded. The percentage of negligence attributed to the claimant will be deducted from any gross award.

If you were injured in a slip or trip and fall accident, contact the premises liability attorneys in Miami at Aronovitz Law right away for a free consultation and case review. We’ll listen to you closely, answer your questions and advise you of all of your legal options. Whether your accident happened inside of the premises or outside in a parking lot, we’ll be pleased to speak with you.