Why an Attorney Should Be Consulted if You Wake Up During Surgery By Tod Aronovitz | 06/28/19 | 0 Comment

surgery mistakes

There is always risk inherent in surgery. Good surgeons, however, minimize those risks as best as they can. When they fail to exercise the proper amount of caution, things can go wrong. One of the most frightening things that can happen during surgery is waking up when you’re supposed to be under anesthesia, the consequences of which can be addressed with the help of a good attorney. 

Waking up during any type of surgery isn’t normal, even if the hospital tries to tell you otherwise. Good Miami Florida med mal attorneys know that if a patient wakes up when he or she is supposed to be sedated, there’s a good chance that it wasn’t only the anesthesia that wasn’t done correctly. This kind of mismanagement isn’t just dangerous for the person who woke up during the surgery, but it’s also dangerous for anyone else who is treated by those doctors.

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim is something that has to be done by a professional. If you try to deal with the problem on your own, you’ll find that the hospital has plenty of layers of protection in place to keep you from getting the compensation that you deserve. They’ll not only try to make it seem like waking up during surgery isn’t abnormal, but they’ll also use their own lawyers to try to stand between you and any claims of wrong-doing.

A good lawyer will help you to figure out whether or not waking up during surgery is worth bringing a suit and help you to investigate exactly what went wrong during your own surgery. If you feel like things weren’t handled correctly or you are afraid that your issue might be indicative of a bigger problem, it’s important that you get the right professional help. Make sure to contact Miami Florida med mal attorneys at Aronovitz Law to get the help you need today.