Would Getting an Infection After Surgery Be Considered Malpractice? By Tod Aronovitz | 04/10/20 | 0 Comment

infection after the surgery

When you check yourself into the hospital for surgery, you expect the healthcare team assigned to you to do everything possible to keep you safe. Despite their utmost attempts to keep your surroundings sanitary and free from germs, it is still possible for you to contract a viral infection.

Even if your infection is not very severe, it still can slow down your recovery from surgery. You can find out if you have a valid legal case against the medical facility or your healthcare team by hiring one of the Miami Florida medical malpractice lawyers from Aronovitz Law to represent you today.

Proving Culpability

Your lawyer can take on the complex task of proving that someone on your medical team or in the hospital itself transmitted an infection to you after surgery. Proving this fact can involve investigating the members of the surgical team assigned to your care. It can also involve scrutinizing the sanitation methods of the hospital’s janitorial staff.

Regardless, your lawyer can build a case that shows that you did not contract the illness from outside of the facility but in fact were exposed to it during or after your operation. You can also prove that the infection caused you to experience a significant delay in your recovery or develop secondary complications like breathing difficulties or a blood infection that required further treatment.

Filing Suit

Your attorney can hold the medical facility accountable by filing a lawsuit on your behalf in court. If the hospital’s attorneys want to avoid a jury trial, they can offer you a settlement in exchange for having the suit dismissed. Your lawyer can vet any offer to ensure that it is reasonable based on your physical suffering and delayed recovery. You can begin your legal case today by consulting with one of the Miami Florida medical malpractice lawyers. Contact Aronovitz Law to schedule a consultation now.