Wrong Limb Amputation Surgical Errors Have Grave Consequences By Tod Aronovitz | 10/04/19 | 0 Comment

Have you or a loved one learned the horror that an incorrect body part was amputated due to a surgeon’s error?  Although these medical errors are rare, they do occur and they cause significant changes in your life.  A medical error of this type needs to be investigated immediately.

Were you recently scheduled for a major surgery? If you underwent the surgery, you may have come out feeling fine, only to then discover a horrible fact. You may have been operated on the wrong part of your body.

This is a serious case of medical malpractice that requires the attention of an experienced malpractice law firm in Miami, FL. The time for you to file your medical malpractice claim is now.

How Can a Miami Medical Malpractice Attorney Help You?

You will need to have your claim filed by a qualified Miami medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. This is because claims of this type are subject to a very strict statute of limitations  ̶  you must file suit within two (2) years from the time that you knew of the doctor’s medical error.

There are other reasons why you should file your claim sooner rather than later. A malpractice law firm in Miami, FL will obtain all of your medical records promptly to prove that your case is justified. The longer you wait to file your claim, the more difficult it becomes to prove your case.

At Aronovitz Law, our medical malpractice attorneys will represent you through every step of the process to make sure that you receive the full amount that you deserve.

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